The Promise of Christmas



Can I share something with you? I have decided that this holiday season is going to be different. I love Christmas, but the past few years I found myself longing for more than what the gifts, the lights and the Hallmark movies were giving me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things (Hello Hallmark!), but I realized that in the midst of Christmas, I needed more Christ-mas.

Amid of my endless lists, city traffic, gift buying, and late night parties, Christmas was promising chaos, and I knew I needed it to be crying for Christ.

There is a saying that goes, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” but have you ever reflected on the meaning of those words? This is a time of preparing our hearts and minds for the joyous birth of our King. Let’s find out together HOW and WHY these days are so special and should include more than gift buying, and lights, and nostalgic movies and songs.

HOW is Jesus the reason for the season and WHY do we celebrate Jesus?

Through the Advent season I am starting a new Daily Destiny with Jessie B. series called “The Promise of Christmas.” 

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The goal for this series is to encourage us, to lay down our endless to-do list, and reawaken our connection with the Christ of Christmas- to receive what Jesus has already procured for us, which is peace, joy, love, and hope for a lifetime.

As the start of the busy, yet beautiful season, let’s not forget to receive the promise of the season.

The presents at Christmas are fun to receive and may even last a lifetime, but the gift of the everlasting Presence of Christ is life changing. I want to experience more of the Presence of Jesus than the thrill of a present during the Christmas season.

Will you join me?

Week 1- Hope

Week 2- Peace

Week 3- Joy

Week 4- Love