Treasure His Temple eBook

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Treasure His Temple: Biblical Truths, Valuable Tips and Practical Tools to Inspire and Empower You to Create Healthy Habits that Extend Your Influence for Christ.

This ebook will help you take out the guesswork and eliminate any confusion on how to create, build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

There are many factors that go into a healthy lifestyle, but I believe there are four core pillars that truly hold our foundation together.

Pillar ONE- Physical Activity: Develop a fitness routine.

Pillar TWO- Sleep/Stress: Get your sleep & manage your stress.

Pillar THREE– Nutrition: Eat healthy food 80% of the time. 

Pillar FOUR- Supplementation: Fill in our nutrition gaps &  gut cleansing.

Throughout this ebook, I share biblical truths, basic principles and practical tools of each pillar to help you build a solid foundation to create your healthy lifestyle upon. 




This ebook is going to share with you powerful biblical truths not only about why you were created, but why your body is a temple to be treasured.

This ebook is going to share with you my best tips and tools on creating a healthy lifestyle that you can apply today.

This ebook is going to remind you that when we let the seed of God’s word grow deep into the soil of our hearts, and then apply healthy habits into the routine of our lives, we transform.

Treasure His Temple ebook Includes:

  • Fitness tips/tools:
    • Four-week fitness plan
    • 18 tips to reach your fitness goals this year
    • BONUS workouts
      • 4 Strength workouts for home and/or gym
      • 5 Cardio workouts from home and/or gym
  • Nutrition tips/tools:
    • One- week meal plan
    • Detailed grocery guide
    • The best cheat sheet for protein-packed fuel  
    • 14 recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Meal Prep tips/tools:
    • Meal Prep: What does a day look like?
    • 7 best meal prep tips
    • 10 Healthy swaps
  • Wellness tips/tools
    • 4 ways to calm your anxious heart
    • Tips for a restful nights sleep
    • Five biblical truths about how our bodies were created to be treasured
    • Scripture to guide your fitness journey
  • Supplementation recommendation 

How is this different than other health and wellness ebooks?

I know that when you set out to begin a healthy lifestyle, it can be intimidating and overwhelming!

Where do you begin?

What does it even mean to have a healthy lifestyle?

What does the Bible say about taking care of yourself?

This is where I come in! How? Because I have asked those same exact questions before, completely confused on how and why to take care of my own body.

I have spent the past five years and thousands of hours learning and being personally coached and mentored by top fitness experts, nutritionist, and leaders in our company. By using what I have gained and from my own experience being a former collegiate athlete, I have customized plans to personally help hundreds of people around the nation to reach their health and wellness goals.

You will:

  • Gain Biblical and practical wisdom on how to take care of your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Learn how to create and implement practical, daily, healthy habits to extend your influence for Christ
  • Recognize and replace lies with Biblical truths on why you were created
  • Grow in confidence to become an influential vessel of God’s message

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