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The One Thing You Can Do While You Wait


If you are anything like me, being patient is not easy. And it is especially hard for me to be patient with my dreams.

That dream of a blog with a platform to encourage thousands of women.

That dream of starting a ministry.

That dream of getting married.

That dream of writing a book.

Those dreams that seem to be taking waaaay too long. Well, in my naive, limited human opinion

But listen to what God says;

” With God, one day is as good as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day. God isn’t late with his promise as some measure lateness… He’s giving everyone space and time to change.” – 2 Peter 3:9

I might be in a hurry, but God is always on time.

I might be anxious, but God is always calm.

I might think I am ready, but God says,“not just yet, daughter.”

He is never late or early in keeping His promises.

He is always ON TIME

So, what can we do while in the waiting? We can prepare by planting seeds of faithfulness in our life.

The “seed and harvest” cycle is a way of life for progress to occur. When farmers plant seeds they EXPECT it to harvest when the time is right. We are farmers of our dreams and every day we are planting seeds for our future.


When can choose to plant seeds of joy and happiness when we want to be bitter

We can choose to plant seeds of service and generosity when we don’t feel like helping

We can choose to plant seeds of faith, trust, and belief in the midst of fear and doubt

 We can choose to plant seeds of boldness and expectation in the midst of confusion

However, we also must be aware of the GAP time of planting those seeds and harvest. The time in between can be miserable and extremely difficult, but also necessary. During this time is God working on our hearts- even when we can’t see it. This time is where our hearts are refined. We grow as leaders. We grow as women of faith. We grow as mothers, daughters and wives as we wait. Then, when the time for the harvest comes, we will be prepared.

So, at the end of my day, sometimes it isn’t about how many items I checked off my list, how many blog followers I have, LIKES on Facebook, or how many pages I wrote in my book

Sometimes, it just about knowing I did my best to plant as many seeds as I could to help nurture those dreams- seeds of love for others and love for my God

Because by the Law of Harvest and by the Law of God’s Perfect Timing, I WILL reap the blessings when the time is right, and so will you.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9




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10 Tips to Stay Fit & Energized Through The Holidays

I absolutely love gathering around a table with friends and family to enjoy great meals and conversations- and the holiday season provides an abundance of opportunities to do so! What I don’t love is gaining weight, feeling puffy or having low energy- and my guess is you don’t either. 

That’s why I wanted to share a few fit tips that work well for me to maintain my fitness through the holidays. 

1) Stay accountable.

Enjoy the holiday season, but not by tossing your goals out the window completely at the expense of your fitness journey! Be mindful of your food portions, so that you won’t be caught by surprise after the holiday season is over. Find a buddy with similar goals and plan fun activities together, such as cooking healthy meals, trying out new recipes or attend a group fitness class you’ve never tried before.

2) Watch portion sizes.

During this time of year, we are surrounded by food more frequently than any other time. Office holiday parties, family gatherings and holiday gift baskets expose us to an abundance of food, but these options often consists of sugar-laden snacks and high calorie meals.  As a quick guide, the amount of protein included in your meal should measure out to about 3 ounces, or the size of the palm of your hand. Vegetables and/or fruits should account for half of the contents on your plate, 2 cups about the size of two fists in total. Whole grains, nuts and legumes typical should not exceed an amount which fits in your cupped hand.

3) Fill up on lean meats, vegetables and fiber.

Lean sources of protein promote satiety to a greater degree than many carbohydrate and fat sources, in addition to aiding in retention of lean muscle mass. Vegetables are considered nutrition-dense foods since they are mostly made up of water and are generally low calorie options. This means you can have greater portions without taking in too many calories.  High fiber foods like oats, legumes, fruits and vegetables are good sources of soluble fiber, which help create a feeling of fullness. It’s always a great idea to enjoy a healthy, filling snack prior to attending a holiday party. That way you won’t be as tempted to indulge in high-calorie snacks!

4) Make healthy ingredient substitutions.

There are many healthy substitutions you can make to help avoid over consumption of fats and added sugars. For instance, instead of eating green bean casserole, opt for fresh steamed green beans. Heat up AdvoCare’s Mandarin Orange Spark instead of a cider drink, Peppermint tea, or drink Coffeccino instead of hot chocolate (it adds fiber, energy AND appetite control!). I like to drop peppermint in my Coffeccino for a “peppermint mocha”. 

5) Limit holiday cocktails.

Alcohol-containing beverages contain a significant amount of empty calories (contain no nutritional value) and are often heavily laden with sugar. Alcohol consumed beyond a moderate amount (1 – 2 drinks), can be considered an excessive amount. Drink water in between cocktails in order to pace yourself and avoid over consumption. Or, you can opt to avoid alcohol altogether and enjoy soda water with lime.

6) Eat dessert…in moderation.

Don’t completely deprive yourself from indulging in holiday desserts. Do take into consideration the amount of sugar these treats contain in a serving. Eat half of a serving or split one with a friend or family member. Also be sure to fill up on protein and fiber beforehand, so that you are less likely to overeat when dessert comes around.

  • AdvoCare’s Carbease Plus and FiboTrim are “damage control” products. Take them before every cheat-y meal to stop the absorption of carbs and fat. 

7) Stay active.

Don’t be deterred from engaging in consistent exercise even if temperatures drop too low! When I lived in Seattle, I loved bundling up and going for a walk around Greenlake. If possible, try joining a gym for a few months until temperatures warm up, or workout at home. 

8) Vitamin D supplementation.

We obtain vitamin D in small amounts in the foods we eat such as fortified milk, orange juice and cereals, as well as fatty fish like salmon, but it is primarily obtained from production in the skin via exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which helps with calcium absorption in the body and helps building strong bones. It has also been suggested that vitamin D plays a role in regulating mood.

Seasonal changes during this time of year limits exposure to sunlight. The current Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamin D3 supplementation is 600 IU for adults (Institute of Medicine, 1997). Consult with your physician to check your current vitamin D levels to determine if there is a need for additional supplementation. Lastly, be sure to take vitamin D along with a good source of calcium for proper absorption. 

  • Calcium Plus is a great staple to add to your daily routine!

9) Manage stress.

According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (2017) on stress in America, the average stress level of Americans is a 4.8 on a scale from 1 to 10. The survey showed positive association between chronic stress and weight gain. During this time of year, individuals tend to experience stress at higher levels. Continuously elevated levels of stress, especially at the holidays may lead to negative metabolic changes, increases in indulging in calorie laden sweets and excessively large portion sizes. Engaging in physical activity, getting an adequate amount of sleep, breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music, meditation or prayer, and aromatherapy are a few ways to help decrease your stress during the holiday season. 

10) Be thankful.

Last but certainly not least, remember to be thankful. Shift your focus on family, friends and fun- not food. The holidays are a special time to bond with your loved ones and to create lasting memories. Take the time out to express gratitude for the people around you. There is always something to be grateful for! 



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Choose Your Hard

 The pain of regret is worse than the pain of obedience. – Christine Caine

What if stepping out of your comfort zone meant you would find God’s purpose for your life? Would you still step out knowing you would have to leave your family, your friends, the only life you knew?

Three years ago God told me to leave the only life I knew, leave my comfortable job, and move away from family.

That was hard.

Then He led me to a job at an unfamiliar nonprofit that challenged my administrative abilities.

That was hard.

Then He told me to lead a women’s Bible study, which I had never done before.

That was hard.

He opened up doors, placed passion upon my heart and led me to start a ministry which brought more vulnerability in my life.

That was hard.

There are physical aches being away from my family as I watch them celebrate another birthday I am missing. There are many lonely nights on the phone with my family wishing I was there to play with my nephews, drop by parents house whenever I want, or simply workout with my sister. There are many tears being wiped away from feeling challenged in my ability and beliefs in my current job and ministry. And there is unwanted confusion for the unknown future.

It is hard.


But you know what would be harder? Living outside of God’s plan for my life.

If I stayed in Seattle, I would be comfortable. I would be in a job that doesn’t challenge me. I would be living to go home on the weekends. And I most likely would not be involved in a church, much less leading a Bible study and pursuing ministry.

Moving away, starting ministry, working at a nonprofit, it is hard, but I know I am in the lane God wants me. I have purpose. I have passion. I have vision. I have dreams. God continues to stretch me into the potential that I don’t always see in myself.

I have discovered over the past three years, that I am able to continually be uncomfortable and away from my family, because I choose my calling over my comfort.

The purpose God placed on my life compels me to keep moving forward down in Arizona even when my heart aches sometimes for the comfort and ease of my family.

We all have a specific calling and purpose on our life we are meant to fulfill, but we have to choose daily to walk forward into our purpose and daily choose our calling over comfort.

Choosing our calling is not always easy. It is not always comfortable. It is not perfect. It can be messy. It can be scary. But when we can truly love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength then we will know where we came from and where we are going.

When we have a real relationship with the creator of the universe and can acknowledge that we cannot do life on our own, that will compel us to move forward. To trust Him to lead us into the unknown, even if it is uncomfortable.

Choose calling over comfort

Choose progress over comfort

Choose growth over comfort

Choose Him over comfort

There is a peace that surpasses understanding when you are walking in God’s purpose for you. The place you grow and become sharper versions of yourself.

Most days I would rather be in the comfort for my family in Washington. I would rather be playing hide and seek with my nephews. I would rather be watching the Seahawks game from my parents living room with the comfort of pumpkin spice candles all around me.

Comfort is the very thing we long for, yet comfort also stalls us from becoming all God created us to be. Comfort constrains us. Comfort limits us. Comfort binds us to the ordinary life when we were called to step out into the extraordinary life that is planned for us.

It is hard to leave my family every time I go visit, but it is harder to do life outside of God’s plan for me, because outside of God, nothing makes sense.


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Three Must-Take Action Steps To Get Out Of Debt

Have you ever noticed that our God-sized dreams are never about us? I believe it’s because we were created to live a life serving others. Jesus was the ultimate servant and He sets the example in service, love and giving. So, when God created us in His image, we were created to serve!

We can serve in a variety of ways. We serve by loving and protecting each other. We serve by fighting and standing up for each other. And we serve by giving to each other. However, parts of serving also take money. Money allows opportunities to purchase basic human needs. It takes money to clothe, feed, refresh, and heal one another. And it takes God-size amounts of money in our fallen and broken world.

Money does not define our worth, but we can’t do what we were created to do (serve) if we are a “slave to the lender”, chained to our debt. It says in Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rule over the poor,  and the borrower is slave to the lender.” When we are chained to our debt, there is no room to live and give to where our hearts truly long.  

When I dream about where my money goes each month, I don’t dream it going to the government, the student loan companies or credit card lenders. I dream about giving back to the world in bigger ways. This is where my heart longs to give my money and I believe yours does, too. I long to see a need and give without restraint, without question, without defeat. It has taken me a long time to see this way of handling my money. Living paycheck to paycheck was all too comfortable for me until last January, I decided to confront my financial situation and attend a Dave Ramsey- Financial Peace University class.

Today, I am more determined more than ever to be financially free and empower others to do the same, so they too, can live and give where their hearts truly long.

Three action steps you MUST take to get out of debt and into financial freedom

1) Become aware of the reality of your situation. Like a band-aid, the worst part if ripping it off. We need to rip off our band aid of our debt and become aware of just how much debt we truly owe (Credit cards, car loans, mortgages, student loans, medical bills, etc). I used to have no idea how much debt I had. All I knew that it was A LOT, like -it-is-going-to-take-my-whole-life, a lot In the meantime, I was living in autopilot just keeping my head down not daring to look up and recognize the reality of my situation. We need to get out of denial and know exactly how much we owe.  

2) Give yourself Grace. After I ripped off my financial band-aid, I found myself getting bitter with my situation. I started to question every decision I made that got me into debt. And I was really mad at myself for the decisions I made and why I did not start paying it off sooner. But, here is the truth, it says in Romans that, “all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” God’s grace through Jesus covers our sin and that includes all our sinful spending habits we were completely aware of (ex. credit cards) and the ones we thought were best for us at that time (ex. student loans). Allow yourself to receive His grace, no matter where you find your situation. No matter the number in your bank account or the amount of debt, you my friend, are covered in Grace. 

3) Create a plan of actionI not only needed a plan, but I needed someone to give me vision and help me see God’s plan for my debt. Making a flowchart of my income and bills, and paying minimum payments was not working for me. Obviously. INSERT Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. The timing was right for me and it was being hosted by an amazing couple I trusted. I learned that finances are more about changing our behaviors and having a plan than fancy manipulation of numbers that I was attempting… and failing! After starting on this plan, I have made more progress in the last 8 months in my finances than I had in the previous 12 years. I have hope with my finances and dreams that I never had before. 

The struggle is completely real, but so is the solution, whether that is FPU class with Dave Ramsey or another option to intentionally budget and get out of debt.

It still is a daily surrender allowing His Mercy to cover my past decisions and Grace and blessings to keep me going. My dreams to serve, to impact and to dream without restriction are bigger than the comfort I could stay in. You can take control of your money and start planning for your future.

Take this next step. Take control. You will not regret it. Financial freedom is available to you! Your dreams are waiting. 



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The Conversation That Changed My Life Four Years Ago

You know when you hear a certain song and memories of a specific moment come flooding back?

That is what happens when I hear THIS song.

Let me take you back to where I was over four years ago. I was living in Seattle. I was working at Seattle Pacific University in the athletic department. As much as I loved my job, I knew God was preparing me for a change. I just didn’t know what or where. I also knew that at this time my love for Jesus was growing.

On this night over four years ago, my sister came up to go to the Chris Tomlin concert with me at the Key arena. Chris Tomlin played THIS song that night and I got to worship with my sister and thousands of other people.

But that is not what I remember the most.

What I remember the most from that night was the conversation after the concert with my sister. We were in the Seattle Pacific parking lot, and for over two hours we chatted, we cried and we prayed.

I told her how my heart was wrestling with change and how I felt God preparing me for something different. I shared my desire for ministry and my ache to bring faith, hope and love to children with pediatric cancer and their family. I remember crying as I told her how falling in love with Jesus was scary but I also has the desire to share it with others, especially women, but I didn’t know the platform I was to use.

She shared with me her heart for children and her growing family. She just had her little boy Jace at the time, and her passion as a mother was evident. She cried over her ache to protect children in her community and the longing to fight for injustice.

It was a moment and conversation I will never forget and as I listen to each verse of THIS song, I cry not because of what was but because what God has done since then and continues to do.

One year after that conversation, God led me to Arizona (Hello, BIG change!). He guided me to a church that has helped me grow more in love with Jesus, deepen my faith and grow my confidence for ministry, especially women’s ministry.

My sister now has two biological sons and one baby in foster care that we pray soon will be apart of the family. She brings awareness to the challenges of foster care in Washington state and fights daily to protect children in her community.

Even through unknown paths and unexpected turns, we both are living out the exact conversation we had over four years ago. That night God was whispering to us what He had planned.

Two reasons why this conversations has changed my life:

1) This conversation is a reminder that God plants desires, longings and passion in our hearts that He plans to fulfill! He doesn’t place those on our hearts to taunt us, but wants us to step forward and into the plans He has already prepared for us.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

2) We serve a Sovereign God who knows our hopes, our dreams and our needs from beginning to end. The Bible says if we delight in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). When we surrender to God’s reality for our life, we allow His perfect, exciting and beautiful dreams to become our dreams. Then one day (or four years later) we wake up and realize that we are right in the middle of God’s Will for our lives.

We must not be afraid to allow God’s creativity to saturate our hearts and minds. We must not be afraid to dream. Listen to what He is whispering. He is most likely telling you He has plan and it will be better than you can imagine. He is Sovereign. Let’s trust Him.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20 

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The One Thing To Discover Your Passion.

Do you know exactly what sets your heart on fire? Do you know why you get up for in the morning? You know what your calling is in your life?

If you are someone who said yes to that question, you probably live life with intention, adventure and purpose because you know what sets your heart on fire and it is an exciting way to live, right?

However, if you are not sure, it can be discouraging! You wonder why you don’t know and you question where you can find it.

Let me take you back to where I was six years ago. I was living in Seattle. I had no real passion, no real goals or dreams. I was basically just existing and living to get by. But, I know I was longing for more. I was longing for something to change.

The one night I was talking to my friend and she mentioned a bible study her women’s group was starting. It was called,” Becoming a Woman of Prayer.” Something in me clicked. I knew what I needed.

I didn’t need to take another quiz. I didn’t need to attend another workshop. And I didn’t need to watch another webinar. You know what I needed?

I needed more of Jesus. I needed an intimate relationship with my Creator.

Once I started seeking Jesus, guess what happened? Passions and dreams started to ignite in my heart. Ones I never knew I had.

I started having a passion for non-profits like St, Jude and Make a Wish. I started having a heart for children with special needs and pediatric cancer. I started desiring leading women in ministry.

I finally felt like I had purpose in this life.

Listen to what Paul says in Acts. He is speaking to a group of philosophers who were questioning His teachings on Jesus as Christ.

24 “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands. 25 And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything. Rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else. 26 From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. 27 God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.” Acts 17:24-27

It can be easy to turn to worldly assessments to find our calling instead of seeking our Creator. The only One who knows our passions because He placed them there!

I believe the only thing we need to do to discover our passion is seek God. Only then, we will find our purpose, passion and calling.

When you seek Him first, He will start to move on your behalf, rearranging people and circumstances. Maybe even relocating you.

He will open your eyes and doors to the purpose He has created for you, for such a time as this, in this time in history.

We are supposed to keep growing, learning, changing and advancing. We are called to be fruitful during our time on this planet. It is to our Father’s GREAT GLORY that we bear fruit that will last! So if your past looks better than your future, get on your knees, open your Bible, begin to confess the promises of God over your life and pray until your passion, vision, mission and purpose return. Your greatest days are ahead of you, not behind you!”

– Christine Caine


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See, I Am Doing A New Thing

Instead of striving for a predictable, safe lifestyles,
seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth
I long to make your life a glorious adventure,
I am always doing something new within My beloved ones
Be on the lookout for all that I have prepared for you
– Jesus Calling

(Originally posted July 7th, 2014) 


This post has taken me awhile to write
I got back from Africa over a week ago… jet lag got the best of me
I am now trying to process what is next for me

I started this blog July 2012, after about 6 months of thinking about it
I knew the Lord was starting a great story for my life
I knew great adventure was on its way
I wanted to make sure I documented what The Lord was doing in my life
I wanted to make sure I was “Enjoying the Journey”
Though I didn’t move anywhere or go on a grand vacation, I had quite the adventure


The past three years The Lord opened a whole new way of viewing life
I saw life through the lens of the Word and not the world
I started dreaming about a life I never imagined before


I finally realized that our life is a platform to glorify Him
Impact others for His Glory- build His kingdom
Most the time I didn’t know what I was doing or getting myself into
The Lord showed His Grace anyway
The Lord blessed me anyway


It is now July 2014, two years since I started blogging
The Lord has turned my life upside down
However, better than I ever imagined


“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more
than all we ask or imagine,
according to his power that is at work within us,”
Ephesians 3:20


Throughout the past couple years I knew He was preparing me for a big change
I knew I was going somewhere, I just didn’t know where
This year, however, brought the most change


First, the Lord asked me to leave my comfortable job I loved at Seattle Pacific after six years
Are you sure Lord? Ok, I will


Then He reminded me that I am going to Ethiopia in June
Africa? Are you sure? Ok, I would love too.


Jessie, I want you to move to Phoenix
Wait, what?!


Phoenix, Arizona
You mean the city that is hot ALL THE TIME?


Phoenix, Arizona
A city I have NEVER been too?


Phoenix, Arizona
The city that doesn’t have the seasons fall or winter?


Phoenix, Arizona
The same Arizona Cardinals in same conference as Seattle Seahawks?


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understandings,
but in ALL ways acknowledge Him
and He will set your paths straight.”
Proverbs 3:5-6

OK, Lord, I will move to Phoenix, Arizona.


The Lord has made it very clear that this is my next move
The next place along my journey in my life
I don’t know exactly what I am doing when I get there but I am ok with that
Since I made the decision He has already opened doors
He has placed a great excitement and peace within me
I believe He has been preparing my heart for this move for awhile


My life is not going as I planned but exactly how it is supposed too
I know that God has turned my world upside down
I know He has called me out of my place of comfort and into the unknown
I know God is directing me on a new path


I will miss my family
I will miss my two adorable, amazing nephews
I will miss the Seattle rain and especially the fall season
I will miss my boots, big sweaters and scarves
I will miss the comfort of having family within a drive distance
I will miss knowing my way around a city
I will miss my comfort


Walking in God’s Will brings joy & peace
Walking in God’s Will brings bigger blessings & beauty
Walking in God’s Will is a great adventure worth taking


I am moving to Arizona because the fear of staying in my comfort zone is greater than the fear of the unknown. Unknown to me but known to Him

“See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert…”
Isaiah 43:19


My little buddy is super excited to help auntie start packing. Packing for Arizona is hard when you have accumulated 28 years of Seattle weather

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Good or Bad? Take The Guessing Out of Carbs!


Good vs. Bad Carbs? Do you know the difference? 

Four years ago, I sure didn’t! But what I do know is that in the past 10 years, opinions have ranged on carbohydrates. Some diets promote carbs has healthy, while others forbid them.

So, are carbs good or bad? The short answer is they are both! Below is a quick breakdown of the good vs bad carbs to simply help take the guesswork out.

Complex carbs= GOOD. For the most part, “good carbs” are in their natural state or very close to it (including whole grain bread, pasta and cereal)

Examples include: whole grain bread, bran cereals, green vegetables, fresh fruits.

Why are they GOOD?

  • High in fiber and nutrients
  • Low glycemic index
  • Help you feel full with fewer calories
  • Naturally stimulates the metabolism



Simple carbs= BAD. Simple carbs are usually processed carb foods being stripped of their natural nutrients and fiber to make them more “consumer friendly.”

Examples include: candy and desserts, sugary cereals, sodas and sugary drinks, refined breads.

Why are they BAD?

  • Low in fiber and nutrients
  • High glycemic index
  • Empty calories converted into fat
  • High blood glucose levels= more tired!

Again, this is a very quick breakdown of the good vs bad carbs to simply help take the guesswork out. I am still learning about carbs and the importance of how they fuel my body. I am excited to share more soon! For now, I hope this helps you understand carbs a little more as you choose how you fuel your body.

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Three Ways To Not Let Comparison Steal Your Joy



When I was in college, every year before season started, we would have our annual women’s basketball team retreat. Our coaches would take us to a cabin somewhere off campus, and we would do our team bonding, which included, writing our team and individual goals, inspirational talks, and of course, lots of team activities.

I remember one year our team activity was a ropes course. Classic, easy retreat activity, right? Well guess what I did the whole time? I complained. I was negative. I did not want to do a ropes course.

Why? Not because I was afraid of heights, but because I was afraid of not being good enough.

I believe this is a natural feeling for all of us. We don’t like to do something we are not good at. We fear of being exposed.

Deep in our hearts, we question, am I good enough?

Do I measure up?

Do I have what it takes?

Will I be found out?

This could be in any area of life, right?

As kids we wonder if we are good enough to reach our parents expectations.

We wonder if we are a good enough employee, wife, parent.

These are natural questions for us. The danger comes when we look for the answer of our worth and value in the wrong places. We are measuring ourselves against the wrong standards.

Let’s take a look in the Bible at two of Jesus’ closest disciples and friends, Peter and John, who have quite the rivalry. They competed over everything.

“Peter turned around and saw behind them the disciple Jesus loved (John). Peter asked Jesus, “What about him, Lord?”Jesus replied, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? As for you, you follow me.” John 21:20-22

This moment, Peter and John were with Jesus again after His resurrection. (If you remember, Peter is the one who denied Jesus three times before Jesus’ death.)

Jesus and Peter have already had an intimate moment together, and Jesus already told Peter, “I still love you, I still have a plan for you, I know you denied me but I will never let you down and reinstate you into ministry.”

So, if you notice in these verses, it was when Peter turned away from Jesus that he started questioning. Isn’t that when we get tripped up, too?

We have moment with Jesus, we hear Him say powerful things over our life and then we start to turn… and we compare ourselves with other people.

The enemy wants us to believe we do not measure up to anybody else. Not married yet. Not pretty enough. Not enough money. It is an unending cycle we all struggle and deal with.

The Bible says that when we compare, we are “not wise”

“We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” 2 Corinthians 10:12

It can be so easy to look for our status, worth and value compared to everybody else. It’s like we walk around with a tape measure, constantly measuring ourselves, which leads to insecurity, resentment, and jealousy.

Here are three ways to not let comparison steal your joy:


Easy to trust Him when things are going well, but what about when we are not doing well? It is easy to start living like our plans are better or we want someone else’s plan. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8

We have a God who loves us and sees us and knows what is best for us. Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Trust Him. His plans and His ways are better than our own.


Why do we spend so much time worrying and wondering about everyone else? God placed us, gifted us, positioned us, set us up for great influence, but comparison only distracts us from what God wants us to do in our life. We miss out because we are watching the rest of the world.

God is going to bless and use many other people, but guess what? God is still on His throne and working on your behalf. He wants to bless and use you, too. Stay focused on the race He has called you too.

If God can use Peter, the highest profile dropout of the faith in his time, to become one of the greatest builders of the church, He can and will use you!


We need to constantly hear His Word. One moment a week with God is simply not enough if we are going to walk in the calling and power God has for us. If we don’t go to Him, we will be hearing too much from other people. Come to Him and hear from Him again. The Word of God is there to hear from Him.

This is what He says to you:

I take great pleasure in you.

I long to have a relationship with you.

I want you to know Me so I can lead and guide you.

I want intimacy with you.

My Grace is enough for you.

Let’s not let comparison paralyze us. It’s time for all of us to step into the significant calling on our life and stop looking around, or we might miss it.

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2 Reasons Why You Are Not Reaching Your Desired Outcome

My mission for Jessie B. Ministries is to inspire and empower women to create healthy habits to unlock and extend their influence for Christ. I believe one of the important topics to our success in creating those healthy habits is the topic of the processes in our lives.

John Maxwell once said, “If the process if right, the product is guaranteed” 

Is this true?

I believe it is. The Bible gives us an outline of this and guaranteed outcomes for our lives.

If you raise your kids in a Spiritual atmosphere and teach them well, then they will not turn form it and be a blessing on your life. (Proverbs 22:6)

If you love the Lord your God, with all your heart and soul and mind, and you love your neighbor, you will live a healthy life. (Mark 12:30)

If we ask, it will be given to you. (Matt. 7:7)

If we seek, then we will find it. (Matt. 7:7)

If we knock, then the door will be opened. (Matt. 7:7)

If we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts. (Psalm 37:4)

It is fascinating the keys the Bible gives on how to live a healthy and spiritual life. Now, think about this Biblical outline through the filter of your own life?

If our process of eating clean is right, then losing weight is guaranteed?

If our process for spiritual growth is right, then our walk with Christ is guaranteed?

If our process for parenting is right, then our children living a healthy & happy life is guaranteed?

If our process of our marriage is right, then our marriage is guaranteed?



If we follow the right process the product is guaranteed, but what if you have a process and you still are not reaching your desired product?

Two reasons why you may not be reaching your desired outcome:


1) You need to double-check your process.

How did you come up with it?

Is it one you can trust?

Have you used it before and achieved a different outcome?

Do you know people who are using this process and achieving the outcome you desire?

I have discovered after five years of this process, that if I get up 20 minutes early every morning, then I will have more time to be alone to hear from God, to read my Bible, and pray. The product of that creates more peace during my morning, then if I start my day with opening my email, checking social media, or responding to a text.

I know when I start my day in peace then I am more likely to have peace and more attentive to God’s voice throughout my day. That is a process I trust and works for me.

Another example, is my example of working out. This has been one I have had to double-check many time. I had to find the right type of workout, the right time of day and the best time during the week.

I have discovered, the process of going right after work and 4x/week, creates the product I desire, which is maintaining my weight and giving me grace during those nighttime cravings. That is a process I trust and works for me.


 2) Are you leaning 100% into your process?

There are processes in our lives that there are no shortcuts. To think that we don’t need to be disciplined or tell the truth to have a healthy and whole life is completely false. It doesn’t work that way.

There are certain things we can’t short cut. We can’t shortcut our integrity, financial integrity, authenticity, or morality. We maybe able to fake it for a season, but eventually the product will come out.

Have you ever known someone with an outwardly healthy life, but eventually his or her whole life fell apart? The process was wrong and something was off from the beginning. The lie became a bigger lie, which eventually became a life.

If you are not reaching the product you want, it might be time to look for a new process that you can fully lean into and trust.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask God. What is the process He wants for you to lean into so you can love Him well?

If the process is right, the product is guaranteed.

If you do the diet, you will lose the weight.

If you do the work of faith, you will have a life of faith.

If you do the work of trust, you will have a lifestyle of trust.

Our goal should be to create stable and trustworthy processes in our life so we can live a healthy and productive lifestyle that extends our influence for Christ.