JOIN OUR 2018 ONE/80 Program

We are all a project in progress! The ONE/80 program is THE absolute best way to optimize your nutrition and build a fitter, stronger, happier YOU.



Create momentum for your healthiest year EVER

Really, truly- you will never be able to live your FULLEST life if you are held back by extra weight, crashing energy, or low self-esteem.

Investing into optimal health is the SINGLE best decision you can make for your future!

By partnering with AdvoCare Independent Distributor and coach, Jessie Christensen, and highly reputable AdvoCare Nutrition, you will have every tool to reach your goals and create momentum for a lasting healthy lifestyle.


The emphasis of this program is cleansing, detoxing, and restoring the body with healthy gut bacteria, stable energy, and nutrient-dense food choices.

This program includes:

  • 24 days of supplements designed to aid in digestion, increased energy and immunity, and heightened fat loss. These products are backed by proven science and results.
  • Meal planning and grocery guides.
  • Personal coaching through phone calls and text messages from Jessie Christensen.
  • Access to private Facebook community for accountability and support.
  • Once/month workout routines

Investment starts at:


*Variability in price based on customized program/products for your specific goals as well as discount options and tax/shipping in your state. 

*Options for long-term discounts between 20-40%.

After 24 days you will be REFRESHED. Rejuvenated with energy and motivation. Down inches and pounds.

But of course, the goal is not to just be healthy for 24 days, but to establish LIFE-LONG habits, a positive mindset and sustained results.

That’s why, we are asking for a 90-day commitment to your new lifestyle. This is a commitment to fuel your body with the best.

By day 18 of the 24 Day Challenge, you will have a scheduled phone call with Jessie to determine which products are ideal to continue on for your specific goals. 


  1. Contact Jessie, schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation call to discuss which program is right for you*
  2. Place order
  3. Get connected to the private Facebook group.


Please feel free to contact Jessie with any questions at all by emailing or texting/calling 253-569-0375

*If you’d rather skip the consultation call, you can order by clicking ALL-IN 2017 . You will need the 24 Day Challenge bundle, Catalyst, and choose MNS 3/whichever Shakes and Spark flavors sound yummy. Jessie will contact you following the order to make sure you have all the resources you need! 


AdvoCare Independent Distributor and coach,

Jessie B. Christensen

You matter to me.

Food. Fitness. Workouts. Wellness.

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