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Four Ways Jesus Changes Everything

I heard this quote once, “My heart swings back and forth between the need of routine and the urge to run.”

Since moving to Arizona three in a half years ago I have had to really let go of my control for routine. There are days down in Arizona where my heart longs for my old life. The old life consisted of believing abundant and adventurous life were not for me. That big dreams, desires or passions were for the most driven. My old life loved routine of being comfortable in my own little world while knowing exactly what was going to happen from the moment I woke up, to when I went to bed. All while putting God in a box. Routine became ingrained in me. Any bit of threat to that comfort would cause bitterness and anger to stir in my heart. I idolized the predicability of my safe, comfortable, routine life.

Then,  I came into an authentic and intimate relationship with the real and living Jesus Christ, and everything changed, because Jesus changes everything.

 Four uncomfortable, but beautiful ways that Jesus changes our lives when we start an authentic relationship with Him:

Jesus changes our passions. He starts taking the passion off our own selfish desires on onto His. We start to ask Him daily to break our hearts for what breaks His and out of that compassion births a passion to move into action. The passion and drive to do whatever it takes to stop the pain and injustice of those around us.  We start to long for more unpredictable life and desire the daily adventure with Jesus.

Jesus changes our dreams. He starts placing dreams on our hearts that we could not possibly dream up ourselves. They start with a thought, move to an idea, then He gives us actions steps and we suddenly realize that He actually desires our dreams to be fulfilled! He gives us confidence to move forward with impossible dreams because that is His starting place. And with each step forward, He opens doors for us and we walk through them with expectation. Along the way to one dream, He fulfills others dreams because Jesus is a dreamer, a giver and a lover of His children. We start to realize that abundant life is truly for us and dreams are meant to be fulfilled in Jesus.

Jesus changes our relationships. We start to higher our expectation of the man we desire to marry and realize that we are worthy of a man that is chasing after the Cross. We realize marriage is one of Jesus’s biggest ministry tool He uses to use to spread the Gospel and we desire to take on that responsibility. We realize marriage is more than the “happily ever after”, more than comfort and companionship, more than cultural status and labels.  We start to view marriage the way it was designed from the beginning, as the most intimate relationship designed to be used as a ministry tool to represent Christ’s love to His church.

Jesus changes our mission. We will start to see ourselves and others through the lens of the Word and not the world. That perspective alone will change us. We will realize that when we fail we are covered in His Grace and we boldly rise up again and persevere in our mission. Our mission to make Jesus famous. Our mission to help others understand that Jesus died for them and the freedom, hope and joy He brings. Our mission to bring mercy to the unjust, a voice to the voiceless, stand up for those who cant, and point others to Jesus. Our mission to live with joy in the midst of trial, and hope in the midst of waiting, because we know that living for Jesus is the most exciting, thrilling and joyful adventure of them all.

So, I believe what our hearts long for the most is not the comfort of routine or the urge to run to adventure, but to bring Jesus Glory. How do we bring Him Glory? We come to Him. We allow Him to direct, guide, and change our  lives. We allow Him to break our hearts and transform our minds. So, whether He calls us into a season of routine or a season to run, our desire to seek Him brings Him Glory, which ultimately fulfills our true hearts desire.


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