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Beat Weekend Overeating!

Are you a Monday-Friday clean eater and then the weekends leave you running for anything fried, sweet or salty?

Now that fall is here, most weekends will be full of feasting, football, friends and family!

Are you prepared and confident to stay on track so you don’t lose your progress? 


Here are four strategies to beat weekend overeating to help you stay confident and not lose your progress:

Be less restrictive during the week. Oftentimes, dropping calories too low and denying yourself of snacks or treats can backfire. The mentality that the weekend is a time to relax, coupled with the feeling of be deprived, can lead to an over the top calorie fest. The eating plan that AdvoCare has created is designed to nourish your body so it doesn’t feel deprived come the weekend. Try not to skip meals or lower calories so that you can head into the weekend without feeling the need to have your “fun” while you can before everything off-limits again.

Engage in non-food activities. Guess what? Not everything needs to revolve around food. Find things to do in your area that don’t involve chowing down at the latest burger joint. Play a round of golf, go for a leisurely bike ride, go for a fall drive. You can have plenty of fun without extra calories.  

Add some structure to your weekend. Working Monday to Friday typically means having a set routine through the week. But when the weekend comes, the day is wide open, and meal structure can fly out the window. (Hand raised) Maintain some healthy routine- such as eating breakfast and going to the gym.

Have fun, but set reasonable limits. It is natural to want to relax when the weekend comes! That doesn’t mean you deserve to over indulge or binge, however. Give yourself permission to enjoy somethings, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat the whole plate of cookies or down several pitchers of beer during the same. Enjoy treats/snacks in moderation.

Be smart, be mindful, and set yourself up for success! You got this!


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