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When God Rearranges Your Surroundings

For those who know my story, you know I share a lot about my decision to move to Arizona from Washington State. I say the words my decision lightly, more like the Lord (gently) shoved me down to Arizona to live. It was completely out of nowhere. I was not even asking for it!

But, He did. He called me from my comfort and surroundings of my family, and the only place I have ever lived in Washington, down to Arizona- a city that the only thing I knew was that their football team (Cardinals) are in the same division as my precious Seahawks!

(You can read about by move to Arizona HERE.

Has the Lord ever rearranged your surroundings on you, maybe something you didn’t even ask for, taking you away from where you have always been? A move? A job? A new dream? Or a new circumstance? Did you ever wonder what He is trying to teach you or the purpose?

 “There some people brought to Him, Jesus, a man who was deaf and could hardly talk, and they begged him to place His hand on the man. After he took him aside by himself, away from the crowd, Jesus put His fingers into the man’s ears. Then He spit and touched the man’s tongue. He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, BE OPENED. At this the man’s ears were opened and his tongue was loosened and he began to speak.” Mark 7:32-33

If you notice in this scripture, Jesus takes the man aside by Himself, away from the crowd, and then healed the man! Jesus was doing exactly what God promised to do when He came to redeem His people.



When Jesus is about to do something special in our lives, He might rearrange our surroundings. Just like He took the deaf man “away from the crowd.” He will take us out of our element to give us a new perspective on His Power and Glory.

I believe this is true for my story. If Jesus never took me out of my element in Washington, I believe I wouldn’t be pursuing the things I am today. Whether it’s leading a small group and volunteering for my church, working at a global nonprofit organization, building my health and wellness business, or pursuing ministry, I know I would be settling and numb to the Lord’s calling on my life.

I thank the Lord daily for calling me out of my element (and trust me Arizona was way out of my element!) so I could grow into the spiritual gifts and purpose He has for me. He needed me in a new set of surroundings.



If God is rearranging your surroundings or taking you out of your element, be encouraged! He is most likely setting you up for something truly special in your life, because until we are out of our element and into His, we will always be deaf to what He is trying to say to us, and blind to where He is taking us.

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