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Is God Sending You Overseas?


Did I ever tell you that growing up, I assumed that only the most faithful Christians moved to Africa to serve God? I don’t know why it was always Africa, but it was. And since I was terrified to go to Africa, so I assumed I was just not as faithful as other Christians.

I also had this irrational fear that the Lord would send me to Africa just to prove a point.  Yup, I was that naive. I remember even asking my mom one night at a women’s conference, “God won’t send me to Africa right? I won’t go.” She smiled and said something that I will never forget.

She said, “Jessie, the Lord will never force us to do anything without changing our hearts first.” 

And she was right. The Lord did end up changing my heart and I found myself in Ethiopia for two amazing weeks in 2014. You can read more how this desire started HERE and about the trip HERE.

My point is, I believed that God chose only the most faithful to move overseas. I assumed I wasn’t one of them and therefore, a lot of my life, I overlooked many opportunities to serve Him.

I remember asking God, “If I am not called to move to Africa, how do I serve You in a significant way?”

We build and serve God’s Kingdom by lots of little interactions happening on a daily basis, by what we have, where we are and who we know around us right now. 

Having an impact for God doesn’t have to be a grand gesture all the time, but a simple stirring of the heart to serve the people He loves, then acting on it, whether you are called to Africa or across the street!

  • It can be a smile to a stranger to letting them know they are seen.
  • Rocking your baby to sleep the arms that will always protect them.
  • Listening to someone to remind them they are heard and cared about.
  • Creating an environment in your classroom or home for children to feel safe and welcomed.
  • Calling your parents once a week to let them know you love them.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a small gesture. You never know how God is using you. I encouraged you to say this prayer before you head out the door this morning, “Lord, I choose Your way. Whatever it takes. Accomplish Your Will in me.”

If we can understand that serving God is a daily interaction and ask Him to use us His way, things will happen in our life that we never expect and God will use and bless us beyond measure.

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