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It’s Not How You Start


“It is not how you start but how you finish.”

We’ve all heard the saying before. So, with that in mind, let’s consider 2016 a football game, with three quarters down, and October 1st the beginning of the fourth quarter.

We all know that the score doesn’t matter after the first, second or third quarters; what matters is the score at the end of the game. Not to mention, some of the best and most exciting football games are won in the last fifteen minutes!

That it got me thinking… whether we feel we’re winning or losing in the 2016 game, will we continue to make the big plays the last fifteen minutes, or will we take ourselves to the sidelines and wait for the next one?

Are there some dreams and promises that have yet to been fulfilled that God has placed on your heart this year?

Let me share some encouragement for you today.

“God has promised you something in THIS year, you haven’t seen it yet, but if you have the nerve to keep showing up and worshiping, then I am telling you God is going to show up in the 4th quarter! He is going to answer the prayers and promises that He has declared.”- Pastor Jason Gray

Believe this about God today, He is a great coach. He has given you the game plan. If we follow it, we can’t lose. What He promised, He will fulfill.

As the clock winds down to the end of the game, remember this, it’s not how you start but how you finish.

Keep showing up, keep worshiping, keep expecting, keep believing.

Because it is in the fourth quarters are when games are won and miracles happen.

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