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Annie’s Story- God is Ordering All Things

img_6955I first was introduced to Annie by reading her book “Let’s All Be Brave.” I was about to move to Arizona and the title sounded perfect for what I needed.  And it was. In fact, I loved the book and fell in love with Annie’s witty, but real, writing style so much I shared my story on doing something brave and she shared it on her blog! (cue happy dance!) Since then, I have followed Annie through her own journey on being brave, and anything else she did for that matter. I have never met her, but I love her friendship. She is relatable. She is real. She is vulnerable. And she is hilarious! Her latest book I was honored to be apart of her book launch for “Looking For Lovely.” I took a short story from her book to share with you. Annie’s story is one that reminds us that God is puts everything in it’s right order and He is ordering your journey; step by step.

“Looking For Lovely” pg. 114-117

With in a few minutes the rolls were delivered to the table, and our waiter refilled the water glasses we had both emptied. I looked down at my two rolls, and without warning my eyes were blurred with tears. They were beautiful. And orderly. And colorful. And natural. I saw God in those sushi rolls. I saw how He is a God who puts everything in its right place.

Each piece of the roll was symmetrical. There wasn’t anything artificial in there. It was all real and orderly, and it made me cry because I saw the lovely, and I wanted it in my life. I felt like God whispered something into my heart about seeing how He does things and trying to be like Him. He wasn’t out to shame my broken crazy or make me feel like I was a bad person. I think He just wanted me to see the beauty of order.

I went home after dinner and loaded the dishwasher. Then I folded that one half-loaded of clothes that had been sitting in the dryer. Don’t get twisted; I didn’t do massive overhaul of my life that night. I just came home and put two rather simple areas of my life in order. One for each roll I had for dinner, I suppose. That tiny bit of lovely set my night in a healthier track.

I pick up sushi now on days where things feel out of bounds or when life feels messy because I found what I was looking for there, even if I didn’t realize how much I was looking. I found lovely. I found God. I saw Him there and I still do.

I knew what I needed to see. The order. The colors. The peace. The pop Rocks. I knew if I looked, I could find lovely in that sushi roll. Every time I order a roll these days, my mind immediately thinks back to Ginza with Nichole, and how I saw for the first time, God using sushi to remind me of His sovereign hand. So on a night like that, just a few hours of being with my girlfriends, just one night in my own bed, the sushi brought me peace. God is ordering my steps, God is ordering all things, and I rest in that.


Looking For Lovely-  If you have never tried Sushi, Today is your day! Go Big and raw and fishy or don’t, and sushi like me. But tonight for dinner, why not grab a roll or two? But before you eat it, look at it. Really look at it. See the colors and the symmetry and the way it is beautiful. Maybe God wants to remind you of something tonight. – Annie  

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