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Jaclyn’s story- Small town, young love


Jaclyn and her family have been in my life for a long time. She is neighbors and best friends with my sister and has become a an amazing friend and inspiration to me. Jaclyn is one of the most driven, passionate, and faithful women I know. She and her husband are role models in their community, they lead the youth at their church and continue to use their platform to inspire and bring others closer to Jesus. This is HER STORY of God’s great redemption and encouragement that God can take any mess and turn it into a powerful message for HIS GLORY. 

This is not my story, this is God’s story, and if I would have continued to write it, it would be a train wreck.

When you meet your future husband at the age of 15, you can be assured there are going to be many obstacles from 15 to your wedding day. We dated for 8 years before we were married- 8 years of young love, full of selfish desires and much sin.

I was born and raised in the church and came to know Jesus at a young age. My husband’s story with Jesus didn’t begin until he was 24- about 6 months before we walked down the aisle and 7 years into dating. We did everything wrong in the beginning, Jesus was not the foundation of our relationship and everything was slipping.

But God was doing something. He was working for us even when we couldn’t see it. And about 5 years into our marriage, that was still being repaired from all the sin we walked in prior, God began to move in both of us. We had both been putting each other in a place that only God could reside in our marriage. Like all redemptive God stories, this process looked more ugly than it may sound here. It was hard, but so worth it. And let me be clear, we are not there yet; this is a walk we will have to choose to walk every day He gives us.

“We are human and the world can be tempting, but we know that God is worth all we have because He gave us EVERYTHING He could.”

Fast forward 11 more years, 16 years of marriage, 2 beautiful children and we are continuing to let God be the author of our story. We have had the amazing privilege of leading the youth program at our church for the past 5 year (say what?!) Never saw it coming. We continue to choose Jesus over ourselves (most of the time) we are human and the world can be tempting, but we know that God is worth all we have because He gave us EVERYTHING He could.

This past Sunday I watched my husband give a message from the pulpit….in front of our entire church family you guys, and it floored me. Not because my husband is an awesome stud of a man (he is) but because our God is so good, full of mercy, grace and love. He took a good ‘ole, farm boy from Enumclaw, put him together with a little, prideful, self righteous girl from the same town, and took their mess and turn it into a God story. He can do it for you too, all you have to do is say yes.

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