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Make Your Mark


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Almost two years ago I went to Ethiopia with my mom; a place we both swore we would never go. But, with the right opportunity and open door, an amazing group of women, and God’s sense of humor, we made the trip to across the world.

As much as my heart longed to go, I was not prepared. I saw poverty worse than I ever imagined. The streets were filled with mud, people, animals and trash. No movie, no story could ever prepare me for this. This was a breaking of the heart I was not expecting.

Throughout the two weeks, we were exposed to nonprofit organizations in Ethiopia ran by Americans. We heard their powerful stories how God called each one of them to leave their comfort of their homes in America, and move their family across the world to a third world country and start a non profit.
I still believe that God used these stories to, not only remind me how BIG He is, but remind me He can and will use anyone, anywhere for His Glory. They were called to Ethiopia to serve and impact lives. They knew that God had a specific plan for them in Africa.

But here is the thing I wish I knew when I was younger, not everyone is called to move in Africa and start a non-profit.

Everyone is called to serve, love and make an impact right where they are.

Everyone is called to point others to Jesus in the way we live, talk and act.

Everyone is created for a specific purpose for His glory and we are all called to obey when He calls. So, wherever God calls you right now, Africa or right across the street from the comforts of home, make your mark on this BIG world we live in.

I promise you when you say YES to God, He will show up. He moves in ways we never imagined, gives more Grace then ever imagined and opens doors that no man can shut.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,
Ephesians 3:20


I still am unsure exactly what my purpose was for that trip. I was very uncomfortable being away from home. But, I know God was expanding my worldview and showing me what breaks His heart

He continues to expand my territory for His Glory. He has placed children and women strongly on my heart. He placed me in Arizona and He placed Africa on my heart for a reason.

Maybe God needed to send me across the world to remind me how big He is. He is a worldly God, not just an American God. Or maybe He needed me to be obedient and say Yes to Him.

Whatever the purpose, He is showed me that the poor and least of these are not just in my neighborhood or in Africa. They are everywhere in this broken world.

No matter where we are in this world we are called to love. We are called to serve; to serve the poor in money, poor in shelter, poor in love.

Whatever it is, everyone in this world is poor without Jesus. 

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  1. Aww..very touching..I’m so glad,there is still women and or,people like you left in this world..yes,God is awesome and there is never a limit on the things he can do for us,and many other children..he called you to go to Africa for a reason..he’s saying,despite what these people have,they still find a need in their hearts to love me..many of them,probably wait on people like you to visit them,to uplift them with your joyful spirit,you kindness and you love for mankind..keep spreading the joy,your positivity,you love for Christ and you will always see many smiling faces..Amen..

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