When Comparison Becomes Your Thief of Joy

It is almost midnight and I am scrolling through Facebook

Not looking for anything specific, no purpose whatsoever

Isn’t that how it always is 90% of the time?


I read a blog post and I start to think about how much better it is than mine

I continue to read about her ministry and count the followers she has

I start to compare my small ministry and I lose a little piece of joy

Then I switch to Instagram and I see a “selfie” of another “friend” and her husband

I start to compare my single life and I lose a little piece of joy

Then I see I have a notification on Twitter

I scroll through the “140 characters or less” status’ about vacations, weddings and new houses

I start to compare my “boring life” and I lose a little piece of joy

In the span of two minutes, I have completely convinced myself my purpose is not big enough, I don’t work hard enough,

I need to be skinnier, more adventurous, take more risks, buy a nicer car, and I need a husband and 2.5 kids by yesterday

This scenario didn’t just happen tonight- it happens daily

Is this just me?

Why do we compare our own lives to the highlight reels of others?

Highlight reels are just that, the highlights of a person’s life

In a world full of opinions and judgment, who wants to post about their struggles

Not me


This past week I could feel the comparison trap coming on and my joy being stolen little by little

I decided to fast from social media this past weekend

Not for anything else but to refocus on my own life 

And guess what? It was only two days, but it was one of the best things I have ever done


Instead of reading other people’s status’, I read promises of God

Instead of aimlessly scrolling through people’s lives, I scrolled through my own

Instead of having the world tell me what I am NOT, I proclaimed what I AM in Christ






Created for a purpose

I am not saying social media is a bad thing or you need to fast from it

But, if we don’t have solid boat to ride on, then the world will easily drown us in comparison, jealousy and envy

When we lose our security in Christ, doubt can easily creep in

Why aren’t you further along in life?

Why aren’t you married?

Why aren’t you making more?

Did God really say?

That is the enemy trying to make you believe lies of this world

Who says you need a nicer car or bigger house?

Who says that your job does not matter or not good enough?

Who says you need to be “this far along” at the age of 30?

Who says you are not good enough?

Who says?!

You know what my God says about me?

Jessie, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have all you need to accomplish what I have planned for you. I will complete what I started in you. I will fulfill those desires. I have bigger dreams for you then you can ever imagine. I designed YOU for a specific purpose that no one else can fill.  Look to me for purpose, not of this world. Stop striving for your life to look like someone else’s. I designed you. Trust me I know exactly where you are and what you need. You are enough. 

Monday I will be going back to social media to connect with the rest of the world

But I will hold tight to promises God has for my life, not the world

The world will not take away my joy

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 

Romans 15:13

6 thoughts on “When Comparison Becomes Your Thief of Joy

  1. Just read this much needed dose of truth. How easy it is for me to slip into this same mindset. Thanks friend! Love from DC. 🙂

  2. I needed this too. It’s an easy trap to fall into and feel you have ti keep up to be relevant. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing!

  3. What an honest and much needed reminder (thank you, Jessie b) especially difficult when we live in this “instant” world, everything immediate, Instagram and instant gratification…I can’t go more than 30 minutes without checking my phone … It’s frightening.

  4. This is amazing! Instead of highlights, read the promises! You are soo spot on!! The Lord recently showed me that when we compare we can’t be comforted!!! And the comforts of heaven are what bring us back to the JOY of salvation! Love your blog vibe!! I feel like we are soul sistas as my past 5 years have been quite an adventure! Love your blog!

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart. It’s real for so many. Thank God for the peace only He can give. May God continue to bless you and the lives you touch!!

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