I am so glad YOU are here!

Throughout the past five years of complete surrender, the Lord has taken me on an adventure I never dared to take myself, shown me more Grace than I deserved, and showered me with bigger blessings than I ever imagined. Throughout my journey, He has reminded me over and over again that I am worthy enough, beautiful enough, and strong enough to access all He has in store for me. 

The Lord has also placed many dreams and passions on my heart and one of my deep desires is to empower and equip women to see, hear, and encounter God the way I have; to remind them that THEY too, are Worthy. Beautiful. Strong.

I want to point you to a few features at Jessie B. Ministries:

Here are a few writings that have seemed to hit a cord with a lot of people. 

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I am so excited for this journey and I am thankful you are going along with me as we unlock our daily destiny and access all God has for us! 

Just Believe