Jessie B. Ministries was created to inspire and empower women to create healthy habits in their life that unlock and extend their influence for Christ.


As a former homebody and college-athlete, I am passionate about helping women become all God created them to be through deepening their faith in Jesus Christ and creating daily healthy habits to extend their influence for Christ and live out what they were created to do!

Through sharing biblical tools & resources, powerful testimonies, valuable health & wellness tips, and relentless encouragement, the mission at Jessie B. Ministries is to inspire and empower you to become the most confident vessel here on earth for God to use you.

I want to point you to a few features at Jessie B. Ministries:

Here are a few writings and resources that have seemed to hit a cord with a lot of people. 

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I am so excited to continue this journey and I am thankful you are going along with me as we unlock our daily destiny and access all God has for us! 

Just believe,